Koala Matcha

The Original Collagen Matcha™

Our Matcha

Collagen Infused

Collagen is a supreme protein that helps to fight aging and plump the skin.

Using the highest grade of marine collagen, our infusion with matcha is a double dose of skin therapy bliss.

Aussie Made

With a recipe created and perfected Down Under, Koala Matcha brings to the US the Aussie way of enjoying green tea.  Also bringing with it the Aussie secret to beautiful, glowing skin.

Carefully Handcrafted

The only way to achieve velvety smooth matcha is to whisk it by hand, and that's how we do it at Koala Matcha.

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Cheers, mate!

Swing by for a collagen-infused iced matcha latte! Full of antioxidants and carefully handcrafted, with flavours like coconut or vanilla almond!

Koala Matcha

2460a Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90403

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Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 3pm

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